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To speak about the Due Ruote as if it were a typical Tuscan farm holiday complex, for those who have already stayed there (whether for a short or long time), is not to do it justice and can be rather misleading.

It is difficult to describe and define this place accurately as, having stayed the same for decades and decades, it has now taken on the feeling of a place outside time. But time has not stopped at the Due Ruote, rather it gives you the sense of a never ending time.

Guests tell of how time passes in a pleasant and natural way, interrupted by intense sounds and the bright colours of nature; of days spent with the satisfaction of having taken hold of your life again, of having found a harmonious balance with the rest of the world.

To spend time at the Due Ruote, lying in the heart of the wild and magnificent heart of the Maremmma countryside, is not like any other holiday; instead, it is to love yourself a little bit more, the love that life - tormented by daily worries and responsabilities – takes away from you,a little at a time, day by day, but which, like the air itself, is essential to our very existence.

The Due Ruote's owners make it a real mission of theirs to offer this unique experience to their guests. Since 1993 when the main house was converted into a holiday business, first Anna and Arnoldo, then later on, Luca and Elsa, have done everything in their power to create a warm atmosphere which can satisfy the most demanding of guests but which, at the same time, comply with the aesthetic and practical standards of the surrounding area.

Nowadays, the Country Resort Le Due Ruote is a masterpiece in the Tuscan and Italian field of holiday accomodation. Its large spaces, planned for leisure, relaxation, meditation and socializing, are the result of a careful study of guests' behaviour, carried out by Luca who is actually an architect but whose real passion is design.

So, the desire to meet up with others and at the same time have room for privacy are mixed together, day by day, in such a way that the aperitif and the convivial dinner take on a very special importance. All in the name of the desire to spend time together but, at the same time, wholly respecting the very nature of each and every guest.

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