Castiglione Della Pescaia

An ancient hamlet overlooking the sea, standing between Punta Ala and Marina di Grosseto, a balcony over the Tyhrrenian sea and a tourist port offering daily excursions to the Tuscan Archipelago's islands.

It dates back a long long way; there are even traces of settlements in this area which go back sixty thousand years. But the first real urban settlement is to be found at Vetulonia, the ancient city which the Etruscans founded near Lake Prile (which no long exists).

After the Fall of the Roman Empire and the barbaric invasions, in 962 Castiglione was given to Pisa by the German Emperor Ottone I of Saxony, who made the most of its wealth but who did not look after the port which was taken over by sand and by Lake Prile whose water, stagnating, was the cause of increasingly frequent epidemics of malaria.

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