Thermal Baths At Saturnia

Saturnia's Thermal Baths are famous all over the world for their amazing thermal springs. The water is sulfurous – carbonic – sulphate – bicarbonate – alkaline – earthy and it spurts out of the soil at the rate of 800 litres per second and at a constant temperature of 37°C.

Thanks to its particular composition and its natural temperature, Saturnia's water has healthy and stimulating properties, it is good for the skin,the respiratory system and for muscles and bones.

You can take the waters in the famous Molino Waterfall, a limestone waterfall formed by the natural spring and which is to be found in the midst of the Maremma countryside, a few miles away from the centre of Saturnia; bathing is free and in winter, those hot shivers are a very healthy form of transgression!

Young people love bathing in these waters but anyone at any age can try them: it's a great experience, try it out at night: dark waterfalls lit only by the moon, a place full of laughter and friendly encounters.

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